Our EZ PAY Credit Remediation Program is incredible!  During this program, we aggressively dispute all unverifiable or erroneous accounts with Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax.  We strategically design an individualized credit dispute campaign using ethical and effective disputing methods.  Our Dept of Justice registration requires that we NEVER over promise or illegally guarantee Credit Score predictions.  Therefore, in order to keep our program completely transparent, our clients can log on to their secured website portal and track their real-time results monthly as they pay for their program monthly in arrears.  This program is a pay-as-you-go program that allows consumers to experience a results driven program.  Our analysts will review your credit bureau results monthly in order to provide ongoing coaching all the while updating dispute methods and credit correction strategies in order to help consumers see timely results.


$299.00 One-Time Campaign Creation

Collection Resolution Coaching

$99.00 per e-book


An Effective Settlement Tool

This Collection Resolution Coaching  upgrade is for individuals who have open and unsettled collections in addition to “typical credit repair issues”. This effective settlement tool will provide our clients with the education on how to negotiate settlements with collection companies as well as provide them with the information necessary to determine an effective priority plan. This program enhancement will help a client discern priority level of collection settlement by considering factors such as the date of last activity as well as whether or not the collection company will delete a negative tradeline with payment. This collection settlement program will provide the tools to help you navigate through the settlement process in a way that will create a faster credit repair result. For optimum results, a client will want to enroll into our EZ PAY program to participate in our month to month credit repair program and THEN opt to Enhance their credit repair performance by purchasing this effective collection resolution tool. *Dedicated Credit Repair does not
settle collections.

“Restoring Your Credit Integrity Is Our #1 Priority!”

We can help you repair or remove errors or obsolete items such as:

Consumers can legally dispute for deletion all items that are inaccurate, unverifiable, outdated, and unfairly reported.