3 Ways for a New Graduate to Start Establishing Credit

It’s graduation time across the country and over 3 million teenagers in the United States will be graduating from high school. Whether they plan on attending college, entering the workforce, or enlisting in the military, the one thing they will all have in common is the need to begin building credit. How do you build […]

5 Things that College Students Need to Know About Credit

By the time you’re in your 30’s (or sooner) you realize how critical it is to have high credit scores.  Sometimes you find out the hard way by getting denied for a loan or having to pay higher interest rates on a credit card, but eventually you figure out how important good credit scores are. […]

How to Give Yourself a Raise in 2022

Sometimes, people may not have perfect credit, but their credit is “average” or “ok” or “good enough to qualify for loans, credit cards, etc.”  In these cases, people often don’t even think about credit repair because, let’s face it, it’s not an urgent need unless it keeps you from getting something you want.  With average […]

6 Negative Items That Can Be Removed from a Credit Report

You might be surprised to learn how many different negative items can appear on a credit report.  You might also be surprised at all of the different items that we have had success removing in the past.  It’s is more than just late payments and some items can actually remain on a credit report for […]

Is My Credit the Same as My Spouse’s Credit?

This is a common question we get.  People often want to know if their spouse’s credit will effect their credit – either in a positive or negative way. The answer is an emphatic “It depends.”  Let’s look at this a bit closer. You and your spouse will have different credit scores, regardless of how long […]

The Secret that Banks Don’t Want You to Know

It’s probably not a surprise to you that banks are in business to make money – a lot of money. There are many ways for banks to make money, but here’s the basic scenario that they implement over and over every day and how unsuspecting customers help the banks to “fill their pockets.” How Banks […]